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My favourite thing to do is (day)dreaming. I love rhythmic gymnastics more than anything in my life. My favourite TV series is The Vampire Diaries. I'm team Delena. :) I love The Hunger Games. I'm team Peeta. :) Divergent hit me like no other books before. I also love The Fault in Our Stars.
Since I'm new here and I have no idea what to write here, that's all for now.

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30 Day Rhythmic Gymnastics Challenge

Day 30 - Why do you love rhythmic gymnastics?

Why do I love this sport? Why don’t I retire? Why am I still doing it if I don’t have any free time?

Because rhythmic gymnastics is my life. I’m not doing it because my parents want me to. I’m not doing it to stay in shape. I’m not doing it because I have to. I’m doing it, because I love it.

I love going to the gym after a tiring day and forget about my problems. I love that I don’t have to be ‘pretty’, I don’t have to be in my best form during trainings and I can wear overused tights and sportswear. I love that if I work hard I sweat. I love that during those 1:30 minutes, I don’t have to care about the world, I don’t have to care about anything or anybody. I just have to focus on my routine. I have to concentrate. The only thing that matters is to do my best, because if I can do my best, I feel happy, satisfied, but most importantly, I will enjoy myself.

Those routines have elements. These elements have to be practiced. I have a message for anybody who says that this is an easy sport. Try it. Those throws seem easy? Yeah. I do them twenty, fifty or sometimes even a hundred times during one training. I don’t count those that I drop. Do I have to mention the balances or the leaps? The pivots, where I rotate five or six times? I don’t think so.

I love starting trainings with running or jumping. I love the warm-ups. I really love doing the splits, the oversplits. I love practicing. I love doing my routines. I even love strengthening at the end of the trainings.

I’ve been through a lot of pain since I’ve started. First, I hurt my waist. Then, gradually, my other body parts started to sore: my knees, my hip… Then I was suffering from a partial ligament tear in my ankle. If I have so many problems, why do I continue? During those minutes that matter, I don’t feel any of these, because when I compete, I’m captivated by my routine. Honestly: during competitions, when I’m doing my routines I feel no pain. No pain at all.

It’s impossible to write the atmosphere of competitions. You feel nervous because you want to do your best. Your hair and your makeup are done perfectly. You are wearing an extremely beautiful, glistering leotard and half-shoes. You have glittery apparatuses. You are beautiful. Before you go to the carpet, you’re getting some last advice from your coach. Although the hall is full, the judges are sitting in front of the carpet, there’s just the two of you. The moment they say your name, you’re alone. You block out everything.

I don’t say that I’ve always done my best. There were times when I cried like a little baby because I dropped my hoop, my ball rolled away, I knotted my ribbon. There were a lot of times when I was underscored. It felt really bad. I didn’t give up. I practiced harder and harder. I could compete in a lot of competitions, I could step on the podiums.

I had a dream. I had a dream for a lot of years. When it seemed that the time has come for me to make it come true, my ankle sprained. It got swollen. It hurt like hell. I couldn’t walk. I cried. It turned out that my ligament partly tore. Then I cried. Not because of the pain. Because I knew that I couldn’t train for at least a month. I knew that my dream won’t come true. After exactly a month I returned to the gym. It was still hard to even walk. I didn’t care. I knew that next year I will have to make my dream come true.

A year passed, I trained conscientiously. The day has come, the national Olympics for students. I didn’t let the fear flow through my body. I knew that I had to live with my opportunity. After I finished my last routine I waited for my score. I was nervous. I have never been that nervous before in my entire life. They said my score. I won. I started crying. I was shaking. I could step on the first place and I got a trophy. I couldn’t hold my tears back even on the podium. All those years when I wasn’t successful on the competitions have been paid. My ankle injury has been paid. My dream came true.

That’s why rhythmic gymnastics plays an important part of my life. It has given so much to me that I hate the idea that the day when I have to quit will come. It’s been part of my life for a really long time and I want it to be in the future. I can’t imagine my life without it.


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